In a last ditch effort to win, Aizen did something drastic
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 Yuki Kazaragi[Completed]

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PostSubject: Yuki Kazaragi[Completed]   Yuki Kazaragi[Completed] Icon_minitimeWed Apr 17, 2013 6:55 pm

Arrancar Template

Arrancar Information

Name: Yuki Kazaragi
Age: Total age 468 years old. Died around the age of 22, 1 whole year as a wondering soul, and 445 years as a arrancar
Gender: Female
Rank: Primera Espada
Looks: A young female that looks 22 years old in appearance, with soft and clear skin, rich blonde hair and a slim yet curvy body. She stands at an average height of 170cm and weighs around 115lbs, with shoulder-length, wavy blue hair and blue eyes. She has light toned skin without a any scracthes on its surface. Reflecting her age, Yuki does show some womanly characteristics such as her curvy figure around her hips and waist and large breasts. She pushes her bangs to the left side of her face, aside from two locks that fall freely on both her right and left. And ties her hair into two buns on the back of her head, with several loose strands flying out. Both buns are connected by a blue and white tiara-like hair clip.

If looked with a quick glance she would seem one of a motherly nature, standing in a more lady-like posture, instead of slouching about and walks with her head high, always looking with her eye's slightly closed to give a secretive feeling when speaking with her, or might even think that what your saying isn't important to her.

Her attire stands with a blue admirals coat with black and gold-colored lining, with a white shirt tucked underneath. She also wears a dark blue mini dress underneath that just barely covers her buttocks. She has a pair of thigh high, low-heeled black boots with metallic plates attached to the nose and end.

Her Hollow mask fragment can be found around on her chin, in the form of the bottom jaw. From both ears, the jaw rests and all teeth but the canines are missing. It has more of a pale white color to it, so it can be seen easier from certain ranges.The location of her Hollow hole is in her lower abdomen where her womb would be. Her tattoo is placed on the left side of her right breast.


Ability Information

Name: Hierro
Type: Supportive/Passive
Range: Self
Description: is a defensive Arrancar technique in which the user's reiryoku condenses, creating a steel-hard skin strong enough to block a Zanpakutō. This allows users to confront some of the sword-wielding Shinigami barehanded. Learning this ability she has been able to take damage for close range her most preferred way of fighting, as such with this skill it'll make her be able to withstand physical attacks be them bare-handed or with a blade.

Using this ability in different ways is one thing she likes to do to confuse her opponents, as they will think that she will only not be able to take physical hits, she'll use this to her advantage to grab her opponents on keep on their toes, not allowing them to get any range.

Zanpakuto Information

Name: Zorro "Fox"
Type: Melee
Appearance: Yuki's Zanpakuto's appearance is different from the other espada's as it takes the form of a large scythe. The appearance first comes out as large cross, with a staff with a height of 6'7" and a diameter of 2cm, The staff is more of a slim straight staff and the blade is pure black, about 3 feet in length.

Resurrection Information

Release Phrase: "Pounce!"
Appearance: Calling on her Zanpakuto it starts to grow bright red, as she places her hand on both the staff and blade, holding the blade in between her legs. As she slides her hand along the blade of the scythe a large amount of spiritual power bursts from her position outward in all directions. Yuki's appearance changes drastically to something more feline. A set of gauntlets start to form on her hands, arms and forearms up to her shoulders. Large blades stretch out from her elbows and her fingers have small blades on the top. And a pair of thigh high boots, with high heels. The front of the boots have a blade that sticks out and a blades stretch out from the knees upward and are about the size of half a katana. Both the gauntlets and boots are metallic silver. Her hair becomes a long braid that touches the grow and moves around like a felines tail. Her normal attire is covered by a form-fitting white segmented armor.
Element: Melee
Adjuchas Representation: Fox

Resurrection Ability Information

Name: Gran Rey Cero - Fortalecidos Cero
Type: Projectile/Offensive/Rei
Range: Maximum Cero range of 25 meters from physical location. Cero explosion and core range is half a meter in radius in a spherical space; Field generated afterwards is a sphere with a 10 meter radius.
Description: Yuki's Cero starts from charging a blood red color in both hands, in the form of a sphere about 6 inches, in diameter. Once these orbs of Cero are fully charged, she places them together in front of her, and fires a large beam that fires straight from her position. She is able to separate the large beam into two separate ones from pulling her arms away from each from each other, though keeping them straight.

Once the Cero reaches its target it creates a large explosion on contact. The exploding outward in a 10 meter radius, blowing everything away. Is strong enough pull enemy's from a 7 meter radius within the explosion to be blown away from the explosion, and take medium amount of damage. She is strong enough to not need a catalyst when preparing the technique and in doing so, makes it easier for her to use it.

Name: Tempestad Garras
Type: Melee/Support/Rei
Range: Small - Close Combat
Description: Tempestad Garras fuses her hands with Reishi, that surround and strengthens her claw like gauntlets and boots. Giving them a bloodish red glow, when this ability is activated, her claws are within a transparent larger version of a foxes claw. Each claw is like a blade that is able to cut through even the strongest of metals.

Name: Flecha Atacar
Type: Projectile/Offensive/Rei
Range: Maximum range of 15 meters from physical location.
Description: She first exerts her Spiritual energy onto the tips of her claws and swings her hand vertically, causing the spiritual energy to eject in a vertical formation. Yuki repeats the move but instead creates a horizontal slash. The spiritual energy ejected from both strikes eventually intersect and form a fast-moving, spinning structure that develops into an blazing arrow.

Name: Pinchos Piel
Type: Physical/Defensive/Offensive
Range: Self
Description: Yuki is able to lengthen her hair, so that is able to cover her whole body in a spiral. The hair's strengthens itself and is able to defend through physical and kido attacks. It's appearance also changes making it look more spiked up, making them able to stab her enemy's if in close combat. She is able to use it like a weapon as well, throwing her hair around, lengthening it to reach her opponents and stab them, and making an mobile shield.

Name: Garra Escudo
Type: Support/Rei
Range: Contact
Description: Placing her index claw on her allies she is able to place a thin layer of reiatsu to shield them from both physical and kido attacks. The shield doesn't last forever but depending on the enemy's rank/strength it can be broken in four strikes from a captain's attacks. She is also able to use it on herself if needed to strengthen her defenses on a strong opponent, but used rarely on herself.

She is also able to place double shields, or a shield over a shield placing double of the effectiveness when using the technique. Which will take double the amount of attacks to the shields for it to be taken off.

Segunda Etapa Information

Release Phrase: "CONQUER!"
Appearance: Once the word has left her lips, her skin slowly starts to moved uncontrollably and starts to slowly turn black, her skin turns from smooth to rugged and looks like veins, that consume her whole body. Once her body is consumed by a ball of squirming veins, they start to grow and white bone like structures start to form around, slowly growing appendages, in the form of a large dog the size of a mountain. The bones form arms, legs and skulls all over the body. The back cracks in two and shards strike into the sky, going down her spine. Along with two thin wings come from the shoulders. The head shoots from the front covered in bone, without eyes and has two horns from the sides, that are hooks and a long tail, covered in bone and spikes form from behind.

Element: Melee

Segunda Etapa Ability Information

Name: Cola Huelga
Type: Physical
Range: 40 meters
Description: Yuki throws her tail into the air before throwing it toward the ground erupting it and causing shards of the earth to jump into the sky, creating earth shards and pillars to form. She able to control her tail and thrust it toward her enemy's crushing bones and throwing them into other objects. Or stagger them enough to stomp them underneath her foot.

Name: Hueso Reanimación
Type: Projectile/Physical/Defensive (Multi-tool)
Range: 30 meters from physical position
Description: Yuki is able to move the bones on her body at will. Shooting arms to grab her opponents and sending them to the skulls that rest along her side to crush her enemy's. They can be used as shields, moving along or under her skin and traveling to where the strike was going to hit.

Name: Segunda Forma - Gran Demonio
Type: Utility
Range: Self
Description: Yuki has a form second from this great and powerful monstrosity, one that she believes that is to powerful to be used in the human world and if not controlled correctly could kill herself but everyone around her. Condensing her spiritual power her large body begins to evaporate, and starts to swirl on the ground, leaving the large body in a pile of large bones the black smoke starts to rise and comes forth two large horns that would be on a ram. Yuki takes her human form again, with the two horns out from the sides of her head, and the large cloud of smoke like a large cloak that moves as if it were really smoke. Freely and along the wind. Her spiritual energy changes being within the vicinity of her release instills despair on those who can sense it.


Name: Segunda Forma - Gran rey Cero
Type: Projectile/Offensive/Rei
Range: 30 meters from physical position
Description: With a snap of her fingers and black with a red glow, small orbs about 1cm in diameter surround her about five in each side of her front, back and both sides. Shooting long black with a red glow beams of energy simultaneously. Her second version of this techniques is focusing each orb to a desired target, by pointing her index finger toward their direction. They would all appear in front of her before shooting at the opponent.

Extra Information

Family: In her human's past life she was alone, though when thought of her comrades of the espada, she thinks of them no more then good friends
Yuki is a very serious and dignified character who takes her job seriously, whether if it were on the winning or losing side, she wishes to have done her job with her knowing she's going 100%. Making her someone who doesn't like to hold back her strength from handshakes to punches, she'll go farther then what is essentially needed to do the job. She is still a very calm and collected person, holding a soft natured face even when in battle. Yuki does have a passive nature and tends to avoid conflict if possible, though if she were to be put into a corner, influence, or even tempted to fight she will do so.

When not working she is more loosened up and relaxed, placing the things that aggravate her in the back of her mind and tries to place her thoughts on more important things, such as keeping the espada in order and making sure they do what they have to, to insure their safety. She knows that there aren't many of them and its best to take defensive precautions for now, though does have some thoughts on striking first. She does look it and she does have a motherly nature within herself, wanting to make sure those in the espada are safe from harm and protecting them is something that she cannot stop herself from doing.

She has a heart of a warrior when it comes to her comrades, whether its fighting for them or fighting along side them. She likes to fight with her comrades as being in a team is more efficient and helpful when your the one who's been out numbered, with one who you know you can trust your back to is with you, she feels unstoppable. When fighting alone, her sadistic side of her comes forth and purposely allows her enemy's to survive her attacks for the sound of their screams of her cuts, slices, punches and kicks.

- Her compassion for her comrades
- Strength
- Classic Music
- Human Female Clothing
- Sweets
- Shinigami
- Rock Music
- Espada Traitors
- Those who think they are stronger then they really are
- Salty foods
- Death
- Shinigami's wrath
- Being double crosses by her fellow comrades
- Becoming a legendary Espada, well known through out the millennium
- Seeing each of her comrades live full lives.
Sexual Orientation: She is a Heterosexual but rather not to affiliate with those type of feelings. She wouldn't want to see the one she cares from the deepest of her heart to fall victim to death while she still lives.
Relationship Status: Forever single
History: Yuki was around the age of 22 when this had occured, another day at work and everything was normal, like an everyday feeling of repetition. She worked within a office building filing papers and bringing coffee to her boss and her bosses boss. Nothing out of the ordinary for her. Before things ran a muck, the lights shut off instantaneously darkening the whole building from top to bottom. The floor shook beneath her feet her and her friends all ran for the something to hide in. Yuki, ran for the window and found nothing has changed for the surrounding buildings and houses turning back a large crash comes through the other side of the building. Yuki can suddenly feel the pressence of something coming from the large crack in the wall. Then suddenly she finds a hole within her stomach, bleeding out she died on the ground. She woke up seconds later, looking up to a large snake like beast with a white snake mask. Its tail was covered in blood, looking back down she couldn't find the gaping whole in her stomach but rather a chain connected to her chest. She found her body resting beside her and with a flick of the tail, Yuki flew out the window and crashed into the building on the other side. She lifted herself up, with her hand on her stomach and fell into the alleyway, unconscious. Waking up she started to walk through the streets as a ghost, hoping that someone would have found her, but none could understand the pain she was in alone and unnoticed she given up her search and stayed every day in an abandoned factory. Seven hours later she wakes from a long night to a sudden urge of pain from her chest, the chain had disappeared and a white like substance had consumed her.

Her mind had been consumed by the power she had obtained. Her hollow form was that of a humanoid feline, jumping around earths city roofs she had found her fill of food from the wandering spirits that have lost their way or the ones the shinigami's have yet to save. She would jump back and forth from human to hollow world, being as she is a solo type person so neither the hollows nor the shinigami's want her to be in either realm. Though put in this predicament she was left no choice but to be quick and agile with both transitions. Soon gaining more power her grew into an arrancar. Her strength increased and with so the ability to gain acceptance within the hollow realm once again. Her arrancar form was much like her hollow yet, she now resembles more of her past youth. She began eating hollows to gain more power, starting with those who made fun of her before, she remembered their names for such an occasion, she was beaten up a few times to say the least but she always got her winnings when she came back to face them again. As her strength grew so did her reputation she gained, soon meeting the king of las noches. He had liked her strength and wanted her to join him in the ranks of the espada, she joined thinking of this as a way to show her power and reign along side him but to help those of great power she as hers that they would rule with an iron fist. With that and a hug as a sign of agreement, he took her hand and showed her to their headquarters. From then on she was known as the primera espada, one with great strength and leadership, one to look up to and seek help if needed.

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Added Segunda Etapa~

finished updating.
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Yuki Kazaragi[Completed]
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