In a last ditch effort to win, Aizen did something drastic
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 Caim Character

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PostSubject: Caim Character   Caim Character Icon_minitimeSat Apr 20, 2013 12:24 am

Quincy Template

Quincy Information

Level:Quincy Leader
Job:Soulmart Manager

Ability Information

Name:Sword Fall
Type:Reiryoku Overdrive
Range:100 feet
Description:An attack sacrificing your Reiryoku to Tyrbolg summoning an army of sword Raining down on the opponent. This Attack will push the user to his or her limit. It requires sacrificing all the Quincy's Reiryoku forcing him or her into melee combat. also leaving his or her Reiryoku in a weakened state

Second Ability Information

Name:The Mark Of The Leader
Range:Self and other Quincy's
Description:The mark in Caim's Eye starts to glow a bright blue and give off an aura giving him and the Quincy's around him a boost in speed and Power. This power only activates when one of his friend's or family is in danger or in the worst situation when he is in extreme anger.

Third Ability Information

Name:Target Locked
Description:An ability sacrificing all the User's Reiryoku leaving them in a weakened state as a final Resort move It Locks the target into place with chains made from the user's Reishi have a power struggle for it to work and then The user Releases all his or her Reiryoku into one shot trying to finish off the target.

Weapon Information

Description:A Bow that summon's a Different sword Each time fired but the more swords the user allows to build up the more Reiryoku will be absorbed from them. So they must make sure to absorb the swords back to Reiryoku before to many are around.
Special Perks:The swords generated by Tyrbolg may not be touched by anyone but the user unless premission given by the user other wise the sword will self detonate.

Extra Information

Personality:He loves everyone and everything.he is often a energetic guy and he will just help anyone that needs it.he is not easy to anger but the few that have made him angry have regretted it for quiet some time.He will always be friendly until you mess with his friend's or family and then he is quick to show Violent and Vindictive Behavior.
Likes:Godo,Pizza,and Derping
Dislikes:The stuff I don't like
Fears:His next door neighbor Tommy And Being Alone.
Hopes/Dreams:Becoming the best Quincy
Sexual Orientation:Like's Da ladies
Relationship Status:Single
History:When he was first born he had the Mark of the leader imprinted in his eye shaped like a Katana as told in the legends of the Quincy however the parents chose to hide this from the others because they wanted him to lead a normal life as a human would.But when the great war came his mother and father had to leave him with his uncle sadly his parents didn't survive the war leaving Caim to be one of the last Quincy left.Growing up he was raised by his uncle who told him of his parent's being Quincy at the age of 15 and that they died in the great war and he was one of the last Quincy and he was mournful at first but then shortly after his curiosity got the better of him and he asked his uncle to teach him about the Quincy and their history his uncle Hesitantly said "Yes".And then that Summer Caim learned from his uncle the Quincy history and then Caim found himself wanting to learn how to be a Quincy So his uncle said this "I will only teach you the techniques of the Quincy on one condition. You use it to help others and not yourself." Caim quickly agreed and his training began his uncle couldn't example the skills because sadly his uncle was born a half Quincy being able to see Hollows but never was able to use a bow like a regular Quincy his Reishi wasn't strong enough to but he knew the stances and techniques from watching his brother AKA Caim's father training and Sparring. He Taught Caim using his old practice bow. Caim Quickly picked up on what to do in many cases aswell as learning all the techniques his father knew.And the end of summer when his uncle finished training him he went in the house and brought out a small Iron Cylinder And told Caim "Your father left you his bow in case you became a Quincy of this power" And Caim only replied with "This is a bow ?".His uncle handed over the Cylinder and said "Say Tyrbolg Awaken" and Caim did as his uncle saying "Tyrbolg Awaken !" While holding it above his head and then to his surprise it Looked as if it spread-ed Webbed Wings and grew a diamond pull string.And as Caim felt it he said "Rest my Tyrbolg." and then the bow reascended into the Cylinder it was before and Caim thanked his uncle for all his help and he told his uncle he would be trying to hunt the Hollow's and his uncle told him he understood. As summer ended and a few months passed Caim became quiet good at hunting hollows and tracking them saving hundreds of Citizens but one day he was in class and he got a bad feeling and he heard his uncle's yells for help in his head then he ran out of class freaking out he rushed to the place he sensed his Reishi from but by the time he got there he was to late. There lay the dead body of his uncle upside down in a puddle of his own blood being lurked over by a hollow and Caim instantly went into a rage not only abandoning the idea of a Bow but his Mark started to glow and he began to have abnormal speed and power and he cornered the hollow in seconds caressing it's mask with his hands and crushing it gouging it's eyes out yelling in anger for the loss of his uncle. After he killed the hollow he returned to his uncle's body before collapsing and punching the ground and crying. He never really realized how much he would miss him until now because his worst nightmare came true he was alone and no one else cared for him. He started living on his own in a apartment and keeping a record of all he knew about the Quincy and the Hollows then one day he met a guy that would be his best friend ever since. His name was Godo and they were matched together in a dorm room he had a fun personality and he was in basically the same situation as Caim had been so they hung and kept together and had each other's backs then one day Godo Discovered Caim's research and showed true interested and from the beginning he felt the strong Reishi off him so he decided to tell him the truth. Godo was a Quincy as well but he didn't know and Caim wanted him to know everything he needed to know so he wouldn't perish either cause he was the only one that was left he really cared about anymore so after training Godo. Caim gave him his uncle's Practice bow starting him off and telling him that they were possibly the last Quincy left therefore they must survive together.
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Caim Character
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