In a last ditch effort to win, Aizen did something drastic
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 Godo Character

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PostSubject: Godo Character   Godo Character Icon_minitimeSat Apr 20, 2013 12:21 am

Quincy Template

Quincy Information

Name: Godo
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Level: Quincy Officer
Grade: 12
Job: SoulMart Cashier
Looks: Tall, long blonde hair, blue eyes, flames instead of pupils, and thin.

Weapon Information

Name: Kamah
Type: Spirit Bow
Description: After month's of research Godo found a way to make a spirit into a bow Giving a Zapakuto a run for it's money this bow may be awakened in many forms but the further it is awakened the more Reishi is absorbed from the user. This bow also works with the element of fire aswell as being a melee weapon in itself by splitting into 2 swords
Special Perks: Awakening Levels

First Ability Information

Name: Fire Trace
Type: Reishi
Range: 80ft
Description: User fires a single fire arrow, splits into 10, and then proceeds to follows enemy. This consumes most of user's reishi.

Second Ability Information

Name: Sun Flare
Type: Reishi
Range: 100ft
Description: User shoots arrow that blinds enemies nearby, giving the user a chance to escape.

Third Ability Information

Name: SoulSplit
Type: Reishei
Range: Self
Description: User uses all of Reishi to make a temporary clone, and then proceeds to use dual swords to swipe at the opponent multiple times.

Extra Information

Family: All Deceased, Room mate is Caim.
Personality: Fun-loving, funny, a bit weird, and Silent, at most times
Likes: Soda, Fast food, his friend Caim, friends, cats, Chillin', Music, Spirits.
Dislikes: Chinchillas, Hollows.
Fears: His neighbor timmy, and chinchillas.
Hopes/Dreams: Becoming the Spirit Master
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
History: Whenever Godo was born, he was immediately set out into the world by himself, as his mother died as soon as she gave birth, and his dad had died a few months back, people thought of him as an outcast due to his strange eyes, he always had a fondness to flames and fire, and for some reason, he never got burned from any fire. He was alone for a large majority of his life, no one would take him in because he was a strange child. Eventually, he learned to survive on his own, his main hotspot was the library, searching up on the ancient spirits. Due to him being at the library so often, he learned much more than just about ancient spirits, he learned much, that he used in school to pass a grade and get into the 12th, where he met his dorm roommate, Caim, instantly they became friends, and for once in his life, godo felt like he belonged, a little bit later, whilst Caim was out for classes, godo spotted some documents Caim had made, and decided to look at them through curiousity, he learned about the Quincy. He was very interested in the quincy as soon as he read about it, as soon as Caim came back, Godo showered Caim with questions about the Quincy, instead of Caim being angry for stooping through his stuff, he was calm, and decided to come clean about the Quincy. He learned that Caim was a quincy, and immediately Caim said that Godo was also one, for Godo had Reishi, he was shocked. A few months later, he had finally finished up reading about the ancient spirits, he found out a way to use his Reishi to create a Spirited Bow. With the help of Caim, they created Kamah, the Spirit. Now, Godo continues to learn from Caim about the Hollows, and the Soul Reapers and the bad deeds that they did, and that they use these weapons known as Zanpakuto, they are very similar to the Spirited bow that Godo now has, and will give the Zanpakuto a run for its money, this bow may be awakened in many forms but the further it is awakened the more Reishi is absorbed from the user. This bow also works with the element of fire aswell as being a melee weapon in itself by splitting into 2 swords. Now, as officer of the Quincy, or Caim's right hand man, he tries to help the humans of the world, and hunt hollows to protect them.
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Godo Character
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